Womens Golf Apparel

Fashion | December 1, 2012

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Womens Golf Apparel

Looking good at any time is essential for many women and the golf course is no exception. With professional women golfers endorsing fashion brand names, womens golf apparel has become more diversified over the year. Not only do women expect the best in looks but in performance as well. Casual golfers and serious golfers alike can take pride in creating a stylish look on the course.

Some of the most popular designers include sports clothing names such as Adidas, Puma, Nike and RLX. Other outstanding designers, particularly in the UK, are Galvin Green, Lyle and Scott, Ping and Oscar Jacobsen. Ralph Lauren, Jamie Sadock and Kate Lord are other sought after designers in the world of womens golf apparel.

Style combined with comfort and performance is what womens golf apparel is all about. Colour and pattern can play an important part in creating the perfect golfing outfit, but this always needs to be coupled with practicality for serious play.

The materials used in the latest womens golf apparel fits the need for practicality superbly. Many garments will have a percentage of spandex included to allow for the flexibility required in the game while cool cottons for summer and lambs wool for winter are popular natural choices. Water resistant garments are appreciated at any time of the year and the latest trends reflect this sensible choice with no loss of style or charm. While there are a diverse variety of short sleeved golfing shirts for women, a recent trend in womens golf apparel is sun protective long sleeved shirts or tunics that offer full UV protection while remaining beautiful. Mesh may be used to allow for aeration and easy movement for players.

Shorts and Capri pants remain a popular choice for womens golf apparel, offering both comfort and good looks. Skirts are also popular. Some skirts may be water resistant and many will come with an inner lining or with inner shorts included. For the total look and performance in womens golf apparel socks and shoes cannot be overlooked. Style and performance from head to toe is the way to go.

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