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People | July 4, 2013

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The world of fashion never stands still and new fashions and trends are constantly being launched. Fashion is an extremely competitive business and only the top fashion designers in the world ever get their names heard by the general public. Here are a few of the hottest new fashion designers to look out for this season. 

Juliana Sissons recently graduated from the University of Brighton and is one of the hottest new fashion designers in the UK right now. Sissons has recently launched her own fashion label and specialises in modernising knitwear and using it in fresh and funky ways.

Joey Bevan jumped into the sphere of Britain’s coolest fashion designers with both feet when he launched his line of footwear known as Pointed Brown Shoes. Joey Bevan got his big break in the world of fashion in 2008 when he did his first show. The show was a huge success and since then Bevan has gone on to create a huge range of footwear and outfits that take standard concepts and styles and give them a refreshingly modern twist.

Lovers of unusual foot wear will also want to check out John Fluevog, who is famous for his crazy and colourful creations. One of the things that really makes John Fluevog stand out as one of the leading footwear fashion designers is his use of unusual shapes, colours and materials to create footwear that really grans attention. John Fluevog was born in the city of Vancouver in Canada and uses his imagination to create unusual items such as shoes with messages carved into the soles.

Shenwei Wang recently won the award of Best Up Coming Fashion Designer in China and it will not be long before she gains worldwide recognition as one of the best new fashion designers. Wang has a flare for taking natural materials such as wool and felt and using them to create stunning garments for women.

With his flair for the unusual, Si Chen is certain one of the hottest men’s fashion designers to watch this season. Si Chen hails from Macao and has recently launched an eye catching line of men’s ski jackets and accessories. Other fashion designers to watch right now include Zainab Ammarah, Natalia Grzybowski, Shota Kinpara Bunka, Zoe Walkers and Mari Odaka Bunka.

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