Paris | January 6, 2013

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Tranoi is one of the hottest fashion fairs in Europe, and even in the world. This show occurs four times per year and is typically held in Paris, France and located in Palais De La Bourse, Carrousel Du Louvre, Montaigne, and Parc Royal. Each event showcases and features contemporary designers, avant-grade designers, and even luxury and high-end designers.  What is the Tranoi Mission?

The Tranoi mission is to bring creativity and business together, to educate new, young, and creative talent and designers. Uniting creativity and business opens a world of possibilities, and the Tranoi Fashion Trade Show is a perfect way for these two worlds to clash and bring about uniqueness and freshness to the world of art and fashion. It is also about educating the world of fashion design and discovering new talent and trends from various brands and models.

Why is the Tranoi Fashion Trade Show so Popular?

The Tranoi Fashion Trade Show is a place and event all the best and most creative and talented designers strive to showcase their work and mingle among other equally talented designers as well as with other businesses and brands. It is also the best opportunity and exciting to discover what other designers are working on, different fashion and style ideas, and even what could be the next hottest fad or trend.

As mentioned above, the Tranoi Fashion Trade Show appears four times a year in various locations in Paris, France. These events are what every designer and brand looks forward to each year. Each event is prepared for fully and showcases only the best, most unique, and most creative fashions and styles on the market. The Tranoi Fashion Trade Show also prepares the world of fashion for what could be the next greatest fashion, style, and trend that customers could soon see in stores.

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