Lingerie & Shoes | January 7, 2013

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Tangas are a popular choice of women’s panties. Tangas have a different cut to any other panty in that they cover the bottom of your butt cheeks yet cover everything else as opposed to thongs which expose all the cheeks. Tanga briefs consist of two triangular pieces of material attached to a narrow elastic band. 

Since the 1920’s when women’s knickers were shortened, cotton was reintroduced as a material for underwear. Tangas are based on the original loin cloth, designed to cover men’s genitalia. Since the explosion of designer underwear in the 1970’s, tangas have become increasingly popular and are now marketed far more to women than men. The loin cloth is one of the earliest forms of clothing of mankind and has provided the basis for today’s underwear designers to expand on.

Tangas are popular due to their comfortable and attractive appearance. While thongs expose all of the bottom, tangas are a little more discreet, yet have a sexy appearance and are comfortable under any item of clothing. Tangas are now available in silk, satin and cotton materials and are practical, easy to launder and often come with matching bras to offer an attractive underwear set. The primary difference between tanga briefs and other styles of briefs such as the thong, is the comfort aspect and attractive appearance. Tanga briefs are a suitable item for women of all sizes offering comfort without compromising on style.

High-end designers such as Calvin Klein, La Perla and Janet Reger offer vast ranges of designer tanga briefs and come in matching sets. Ann Summers offers a vast range of tanga briefs and Elle Macpherson has launched her own underwear designs which include a fabulous range of tanga briefs at excellent prices. Stella McCartney also has her own range of underwear including tanga briefs and Stella MaCartney is all the rage now, given her success at the British Fashion Awards and her designs for Team GB for London 2012.

Tanga briefs are the ideal choice for any woman, comfort, style, affordable and easy to wear, these briefs deserve a wider audience.

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