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Valentine’s Day Lingerie You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Lingerie & Shoes | February 6, 2017

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Valentine day heart and beautiful woman watercolor.

During the Iron Age , what is now metropolitan France was inhabited by the Gauls , a Celtic people. So don’t delay – the Zalando online shop is waiting for you to delve into a world of beautiful, functional and desirable shoes which are guaranteed to take your style to new levels of sophistication. While […]

6 Types of Victoria’s Secret Panties you need in your Wardrobe

Victoria Secret

All women want to wear comfortable panties for daily wear but it is also important to own some pieces that exude some sexiness and allure for special occasions. Actually, sexy panties don’t have to be uncomfortable at all if they are manufactured by top quality brands such as Victoria’s Secret. Here are some styles to […]


Lingerie & Shoes | January 7, 2013

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Tangas are a popular choice of women’s panties. Tangas have a different cut to any other panty in that they cover the bottom of your butt cheeks yet cover everything else as opposed to thongs which expose all the cheeks. Tanga briefs consist of two triangular pieces of material attached to a narrow elastic band. 

Romper Suits

Lingerie & Shoes | January 4, 2013

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romper suit

A romper suit is a special type of continuous garment that can be likened to a coverall. It is mainly designed for children and women. Unlike the coverall, romper suit is loose fitting and is designed with relatively shorter legs that the wearer can gather at the end. 

Merry Widow

Lingerie & Shoes | December 28, 2012

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Merry Widow

Named after the 1955 movie adaption of Franz Lehár’s 1905 operetta of the same name, the Merry Widow is a type of foundation garment very similar to a corselet. Its function is to push up the breasts while smoothing the stomach and waste area.