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Paris 2017

Paris | February 6, 2017

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Paris Bridal Fair

Who’s turning into a silver fox, who’s still dark and handsome, who’s in hair crisis. Paris has three main flea-markets, located on the outskirts of the central city. It is important to note that this method of cutting hair while wet, may be most suitable (or common) for straight hair types. Paris hotels, almost without […]

500 Men’s Hairstyles & Cool Guy Haircuts

Paris | February 6, 2017

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Housing shortages, neighborhood segregation, and heat waves are priorities for this global icon. Eurotunnel 13 or Le Shuttle as it’s often known, is a train service between Folkestone in Kent in the UK and Calais in France. Iris Mittenaraere, a 23-year-old dental student from the city of Lille in northern France won the Miss Universe […]

All about hair

Hair & Beauty | February 6, 2017


Haircut. Hairstyle. Beautiful Model with short Blond hair

Let’s be honest, hiring a professional for every day of your life is not always an option. When your collection of cosmetics is running low, sellers on eBay offer everything from eye shadow to lip liner and blush from brands like Mac, Urban Decay, and Mary Kay. According to The Washington Post, American hair loss […]

Hair Cosmetics

Hair & Beauty, People | February 6, 2017

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This step-by-step guide to five-minute or less hairstyles can help you make more of your busy mornings. However, while men develop longer, coarser, thicker, and darker terminal hair through sexual differentiation , women do not, leaving their vellus hair visible. A conditioner might work wonders for your hair but oil gives it certain minerals, vitamins and essential […]

Facial Hair Styles

Hair & Beauty | January 5, 2013

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Facial hair styles

Having the right facial hair style not only improves your facial appearance, but also boosts your confidence. Due to the existence of numerous facial hair styles, it is always hard for people to make the right choice. The following are some of the most popular facial hair styles that you can always choose from:

Long Hair Styles

Hair & Beauty | December 15, 2012

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Long wavy hair style

If you are one who enjoys change, then a long hair style is probably the optimal choice for you. Long hair styles are numerous, perhaps even limitless, and ever-changing with the times.

Natural Hair Styles

Hair & Beauty | December 8, 2012

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Natural Hair Styles

It seems everyone wants natural hair styles these days. Wherever you look, it’s clear that the spiky, layered, over-processed and overdone days of the Eighties, Nineties and Noughties are over. Yet natural does not mean uniform. Most desired are diverse natural hair styles such as Kate Middleton’s flowing locks, Emma Watson’s pixie crop and Kate […]

Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions

Feather hair extensions are an awesome, edgy and unique way to add a quirky style to your hair. Feather hair extensions are fine, natural feathers which can be attached to hair at the root in much the same way as regular hair extensions, using crimp beads. Once applied they will stay in the hair for […]