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Lingerie & Shoes | January 4, 2013

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romper suit

A romper suit is a special type of continuous garment that can be likened to a coverall. It is mainly designed for children and women. Unlike the coverall, romper suit is loose fitting and is designed with relatively shorter legs that the wearer can gather at the end. 

History of Romper Suits

The suits are believed to have originated from the United States of America in the 1900’s. They were commonly used by children as playwear due to their light and loose fitting nature. They symbolised a shift from the Victorian era clothes which were somewhat tight fitting. Their designs and styles differed from one state to another and were worn by children from different families to as a symbol of wealth.


In 1950, they became very common in France where women began using them as beachwear. In a gradual but steady manner, romper suits became very famous among toddlers and infants in different countries around the world. In the beginning of the twenty first century, women embraced the romper suit as a fashionable and classy wear. Designers became more innovative and began to come up with different impressive designs and styles. Romper suits have continued to gain more popularity because of their beauty and versatility. They can be comfortably worn during any time of the day or night without loosing the fashionable touch. They are also warm such that they have the ability to protect the body from cold during the winter season.


Romper suits are popular nowadays due to different reasons. Not only can one wear them as a stand alone outfit, they also come in many attractive designs, fabrics, styles, and fits. Customisable designs can come with special pockets, hoods, feet, ears, tails, and other superb artistic embroidery styles. They can also be personalised with a person’s name or the name of a famous football club, celebrity, or any other name that a client might choose.


There are numerous designers who have continued to make sure that romper suits maintain their beauty, glamour, and trendiness. Even though they produce designs that are almost similar, they vary in terms of durability and price. Some of the most remarkable designers include Petit Bateau, Dior, La Martina, Ralph, Lauren, Catmini, and Joha.

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