Playtime Paris

Paris | October 9, 2012

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Playtime Paris

Playtime Paris is the original Playtime; joined of late by Playtime New York and Playtime Tokyo. Playtime is an international trade fair which encompasses Children’s wear, Maternity-wear and Junior fashions, bringing together children’s designers from all over the world and giving them the opportunity to display the best of their talents to the appropriate market. Playtime used to be an annual event, early in the year, but has recently begun to hold a second showing in July/ August which focusses more on the fashion, particularly maternity-wear, and deco; while the main event in the winter brings together all the segments into a unified whole to enable trade experts to clearly visualise the future of this section of the industry.The 13th incarnation of the trade fair will feature more than 370 designers and offer, for the first time ever, PlayWithDesign, a Home Design exhibit which, when taken with the clothing ranges and other regular contributions, will allow industry experts to put together entire packages on children’s accoutrements, from clothing to bedroom furniture. Amongst the items on display are jewellery and accessory lines, clothing and footwear, not to mention child-care and gift ranges; a very comprehensive package.

Maternity-wear is usually strong, and this trend is expected to increase again, with expectant mothers no longer being expected to wear acres of fabric to hide their curves and bumps. While many traditional designers have begun to cater for this market too, Playtime is still ahead of the curve and a market leader in this field.
The show will run from 26th to 28th January 2013, 9.30am to 6.30pm (check times and dates before booking, as they may be subject to change) and will showcase the work of 50 new exhibitors, bringing the total international contribution to 50% for the first time; a continuance of the ever-increasing international interest in Playtime which has shown a steady increase (the last show had a 2% increase on the previous year) despite the current global economic crisis.
Playtime looks set to join the many Fashion Week events that are such a highlight of the industry, bringing out the best and freshest of maternity and childrenswear designers.

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