Parsons Paris School of Art and Design

Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, now known as Parsons College of Art, was founded in 1921 to provide the best art and design education to interested students. The university offers an exciting yet intensive learning experience to its students in the city of Paris. Among the areas of study include Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Photography, Art History, Design Management and Communication Design.The Parsons Paris School has a full accreditation from the National Association of Art and Design (NASAD). Additionally, it is run by qualified and experienced staff members. The Fashion Design Department, for instance, is currently chaired by Donald Potard, a former president of the French Federation of Fashion.

The school uses the American standards for grading, and it is ideally equipped to provide an excellent learning environment. The school also offers summer, certificate and university preparation programs. In addition, Parsons Paris students use the city as a fashion laboratory. This helps them to come up with creative projects and find ways to use art and design to overcome the challenges of urban life.
Parsons Paris views art and design as an essential part in today’s society. The university, therefore, focuses on transforming students into exceptional professional fashion design managers and designers through a rigorous fashion design education. Also, the students are assisted in developing an individual creative and artistic sense together with exceptional fashion designing skills.
Moreover, Parsons Paris is situated in a magnificent renovated historic building. This location brings the students close to the city’s exhibitions, creative agencies and fashion-related events such as Paris Fashion Week and the Maison and Objet design trade show. Thus, Parsons Paris educational experience is largely influenced by the cultural and intellectual activities of the cosmopolitan city famous for its beauty and top-class museums, culture, art and businesses.
The school boasts notable alumni including Calla Haynes, a former student in Fashion and Design, who continues to design textiles for major fashion brands around the world. Many former students, for example Jack Laroux, exhibit their work in famous exhibition events around the world such as Times Square Art Exhibition in New York.
For students looking for a fast-paced experience in a big-city, Parsons Paris School will definitely appeal to them. Furthermore, with the magnificent PCA design centre nearing its full completion, students can look forward to an exciting learning environment.

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