Natural Hair Styles

Hair & Beauty | December 8, 2012

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Natural Hair Styles

It seems everyone wants natural hair styles these days. Wherever you look, it’s clear that the spiky, layered, over-processed and overdone days of the Eighties, Nineties and Noughties are over. Yet natural does not mean uniform. Most desired are diverse natural hair styles such as Kate Middleton’s flowing locks, Emma Watson’s pixie crop and Kate Winslet’s (Mrs Rocknroll to you and I) curling tendrils, which are rivalled only by Taylor Swift’s.

Yes, natural hair styles are everywhere you look, and are much pursued and desired. Only this week the UK news reported that 82% of women go to their hairdresser’s salon at least every eight weeks, and you can bet it is natural hair styles that they are coveting. These visits cost approximately £100 per time, so natural hair styles don’t necessarily come cheap.

It is probably the celebrity endorsement of them that makes natural hair styles popular. These styles also seem to fit with our speedy life styles where the suggestion of ‘glamour on the go’ appeals to all. Natural hair styles also adapt well to all kinds of occasions.

However, maintaining natural hair styles is not as simple as it looks. That ‘I just fell out of bed’ naturally gorgeous look takes rather more care than that. Some women will straighten daily to give the impression of a sleek silky mane of hair which just ‘falls that way’. Others, conversely, will tong and style their ‘natural hair styles’ into loose or tumbling waves. Those women with naturally curly hair will use a wax or defining serum product to get the naturally beautiful look they desire.

Achieving natural hair styles starts with a good cut, continues with quality products and home styling equipment and relies on a bit of dedicated daily time. For evenings, straight after work and with minimal effort, natural hair styles can be transformed into truly stunning party looks by the addition of suitable hair accessories, such as clips and clasps, styled or themed according to the outfit or by picking up on current fashions such as sequins or feathers.

Photo by Oscar Rethwill

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