Paris | January 2, 2013

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When it comes to leading institutions in the fields of fashion design and management, few schools get as much recognition as Mod’Art. Mod’Art is an internationally recognised school based in Paris, one of the world’s big four fashion capitals. And as if its location wasn’t appealing enough, prospective students can benefit from a range of bilingual courses and from the outstanding reputation that Mod’Art has among key employers in the field.

Programmes available at Mod’Art

Mod’Art offers programmes in three main areas: fashion management, fashion creation, and a postgraduate MBA programme.

The school’s French Fashion Design course offers an opportunity for beginners to get started in this area and discover their creative style. The course can be completed in as little as 1 year and is offered in both English and French. Topics covered include pattern making, computer graphics, and wardrobe analysis. Mod’Art also offers a 4-year programme in Fashion Design that covers all aspects of professional design and includes internship opportunities at leading Parisian firms.

Mod’Arts Fashion Management programmes include a bacherlor’s degree offered in partnership with British universities that will prepare students for an international career as fashion buyers or product managers. There is also a diploma in Fashion, Luxury Products, and Art of Living that offers part-time tuition along with hands-on training.

Mod’Art also offers short summer courses in both fashion design and management.

Mod’Art’s MBA programme specialises in the management of luxury goods and fashion industries. This course is offered in English and there are four modes of study available in addition to the common syllabus. These include training in Europe, the United States, taking part in internships, and gaining an English language qualification.

Mod’Arts notable alumni

Some of Mod’Art’s students have established their own fashion firms or gone to work for top brands. This is the case of Sonya Hylling (currently working for Hermes), Candice Chevalier (Kenzo), Anthony Fernandez (Dior), Sandrine Dupinet (Dior), and Claire Mucka (Balenciaga).

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