Milan Fashion Week

News | October 29, 2012

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Roberto Musso Womens Collection at Milan Fashion Week

More and more fashion events seem to have been created in the last few years, but some events are seen as the highlights of the fashion year. Originally, like other similar world-wide fashion weeks Milan Fashion Week was a show for the trade only, but like the other events it has evolved into a week of glamour and entertainment attracting media and celebrities alongside the fashionistas, buyers and manufacturers.

Primarily an event to promote and celebrate Italian fashion, Milan Fashion Week started in 1958 and is now seen as one of the “big 4” fashion week events. The four events are usually in the order New York, London, Milan and finally Paris, and they are seen as major events in the fashion world that influence the trends of fashion and accessories for the season ahead.For the city of Milan itself the Milan fashion show was and still is a chance to showcase and promote themselves to visitors as both a fashion centre and historic destination and largely because of the Milan Fashion Week, the city itself is now seen as a centre for fashion and has wonderful designer and couture stores.Because of Milan Fashion Week and the emphasis on fashion in the city, many of the largest and most influential Italian fashion brands choose to base their headquarters in and around the city. Gucci, Prada, Versace, D & G and Armani are just a few who currently base their headquarters here.Milan Fashion Week is now a biannual event with an autumn/winter event taking place early in the year often between February and March, followed later in the season by spring/summer fashions, usually showing between September and October.

Whilst there are both men’s and women’s events at Milan fashion week, it is the women’s shows that are seen as the biggest and most influential in the fashion world.
In 2013 the men’s event for autumn/winter at Milan fashion week is from January 12th-January 15th, with the women’s event being later, from February 20th-February 26th.

Photo by Bruno Cordioli

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