Long Hair Styles

Hair & Beauty | December 15, 2012

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Long wavy hair style

If you are one who enjoys change, then a long hair style is probably the optimal choice for you. Long hair styles are numerous, perhaps even limitless, and ever-changing with the times.

There are, of course, the classic long hair styles that never fade: straight down the back or with a classy wave or slight curl, with or without bangs. There’s the over-the shoulder look as well, even more stunning done in curls. The half-up, half-down look, reminiscent of a princess, can be tweaked into many different long hair styles and is a very flattering look on most face shapes. Then there’s the ponytail, a trademark long hair style that never goes out of style.

Long hair styles, to grow properly, will need regular trims to remove split ends and keep it shiny and healthy. Breakage is the most damaging thing to a nice head of hair, and it is recommended that wet hair not be brushed. Also, holding the hair at the middle, brushing the bottom first and then from the top downward, helps reduce breakage and ripping out the strands at the root. Products for long hair styles will depend more on the type of hair: curly, straight, fine, oily, etc..

Today, long hair styles are often paired with a part off to the side and the hair swept off behind the ear or fastened with pins or clips. Soft waves or curls, especially framing the face and curling in at the cheekbone or jaw line, appear on most celebrities these days. “Beach Waves” hit the scene a few years ago and are still a popular trend, creating a fun, whimsical, long hair style.

In the media today, we also see men with long hair styles more and more. A perfect example of this can be seen in such fashion icons as Brad Pitt, with his long, golden locks.

As times change, so do the trends. But, long hair, even left as is, remains an elegant statement of the time its beholder has taken to grow, nurture and maintain those tresses, and a versatile style that never grows old.

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