London Fashion Week

News | November 29, 2012

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London Fashion Week

If there’s a trade show that grabs the attentions of every fashion enthusiast in the world, then it will have to be the London Fashion Week. Organised by the critically acclaimed British Fashion Council (BFC), this fashion event takes place twice a year. Being bi-annual, London Fashion Week allows designers to showcase their talents in the form of summer/ spring collections, a routine that has worked exceptionally well. The London Fashion Week is considered to be on par with famous international events such as Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week. 

A Brief History

The London Fashion Week is considered to be a very high profile event. It has been said that apparel orders of the tune of a hundred million British pounds are made during every LFW event. Attended by over 5000 visitors from all over the world, this event is definitely on the to-visit list of every fashion aficionado. The first ever London Fashion Week was held in 1984 and was organised by Annette Worsley-Taylor, founder of the London Designer’s Collective. Since then, a number of top designers have shot to fame courtesy of London Fashion Week. 2013 will be the 29th year of the London Fashion Week and as per the rumour mills, there is a lot in store.

The London Fashion Week became the first of the major events in the world to be digitised. LFW streams all its shows on their website, using live video streaming technology from Streaming Tank, a company well-known for its live streaming services.

The Fashionable Way

LFW is all set to take the fashion world by storm this February. London Fashion Week 2013 is set to be held on 15th February, 2013, and will go on for a week till 19th February, 2013. The event will last for five days, during which several presentations from top and notable designers would be organised. There are over eight presentations scheduled to be made by BFC NewGen sponsored by TOPSHOP, and other presentations from eBay-sponsored BFC Fashion Forward. With several top designers attending the event, it is going to be another star-studded week, not to be missed by fashion enthusiasts.

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