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Fashion | November 19, 2012

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The English mustache

With each passing year, fashion for men is becoming more creative and individualistic and 2013 is no different. In 2012, fashion for men consisted largely of baggy clothes which flowed from the body, cargo pants, shoes with white soles, very brightly-colored shirts, and mixing professional pieces of the wardrobe with more casual clothing.

male model dressed casually

male model dressed casually

In 2013, fashion is projected to have interesting jackets on display, including baseball jackets made of suede or leather, double-breasted suit jackets in neutral or eye-popping colors, and jackets made of bright red, mustard yellow, or plum purple material. Jacket lengths will range from cutting off a few inches above the waist to classic knee-length. Striped tank tops and polo shirts will be in, and pleated business pants in a variety of colors, from khaki to electric blue, will be mixed with either a matching suit jacket or more casual, baggy jackets. Shoe fashion for men will include classy loafers and loafers in animal print, tobacco brown and egg shell white. Slight differences in looks will be created by simply tucking or untucking the shirt for either a neat look or a sexy disheveled look, respectively.

With the constant evolution of fashion for men and the freedom it provides, projections of fashion trends can only scratch the surface of the possibilities. For example, “Les Sapeurs” use fashion for men to voice what they believe in without having to actually use spoken words. Named after a rough French-to-English translation meaning “the Society of Atmosphere-setters and Elegant People”, or SAPE, Les Sapeurs are men who take fashion for men to an entirely new level, using their designer three-piece suits, leather loafers, fedoras and flashy accessories to rise above the poverty and oppression of their country. While these men may dress oddly relative to their surroundings, Les Sapeurs won’t let their voices, elegance or individuality be stifled by war, lack of money or the popular belief of what fashion for men is. There are many “fashion victims” in the world, but Les Sapeurs take pride in their appearance and refuse to be “victims”.

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