Fall And Winter Trends For Men This Year

Fashion | September 10, 2013

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Everyone knows that fashion trends reinvent themselves once in a while. However, true originality does come along more often than many claim. In men’s fashion trends tend to be less adventurous than women’s. This, it should be said, is not because of a lack of originality with design. It is just that designers know their market and men tend to stick to the same things. Nevertheless, there are discernable fashion trends that mark a departure from 2012 and, for the savvy male consumer, they are well worth checking out.

Much vaunted, following the European fashion weeks held earlier this year, has been grey on grey. Charcoal suits, some with little bits of flecking, are well known to anyone who dressed on-trend in the late 1980s but it is one of the fashion trends which is not just making a comeback, but a new name for itself. Grey suits will be styled with silver shirts and dove coloured ties to complete the look. In winter, expect the charcoal suit to be protected by another layer of grey, with a three quarter length over-jacket.

Another of the much tipped fashion trends surrounding colour, which has already been identified by many, is the use of claret. For many British men, claret is only ever seen on football strips. Nonetheless, expect to see splashes of claret up and down the country in the coming months. Claret fashion trends are likely to include smoking jacket chic, from likes of Prada, as well as velvet waistcoats and neckwear. If you don’t see more than one claret cravat by the end of the year, it will come as a surprise to many in the industry.

Fashion trends don’t just extend to clothes in menswear. Accessories have always been an integral part of the well dressed man’s appearance. This winter, silverware is likely to be the on-trend accessory material. Rings, cuff links and tie pins will all get the silverware look. Also, expect to see shirts with silver buttons. High street fashion is likely to pick up on this trend and embrace it in a big way, even if the products are not genuine silver through and through.

Don’t overlook footwear when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Boots always sell better as we head towards Christmas. This year it will be stockist of the brown boot that is likely to do best. Sturdy and manly boots that cover the ankle will be the footwear of choice. Make sure you have a pair by the end of September. After all, it is unlikely to be sandal wearing weather by then.

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