Facial Hair Styles

Hair & Beauty | January 5, 2013

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Facial hair styles

Having the right facial hair style not only improves your facial appearance, but also boosts your confidence. Due to the existence of numerous facial hair styles, it is always hard for people to make the right choice. The following are some of the most popular facial hair styles that you can always choose from:

1. Goatee
The goatee refers to the hair that grows on the chin like that of a he-goat. It is ideal for guys with round faces as it tends to prolong the face.
2. The Chin Curtain Beard
Also referred to as Lincoln or Donegal, the chin curtain beard is a type of facial hair style that covers the whole chin along the jaw line. It was made famous by Abraham Lincoln, a former president of the United Sates.

3. Chinstrap
In this style, hair runs from the side burns, downward along the jaw line to connect at the chin. It is best kept trim and can help in framing the face or creating a jaw line.

4. Circle Beard/Door Knocker
This is where the mustache and the chin beard are linked at the sides of the mouth. It should be kept short otherwise it may add weight in addition to lengthening your face.

5. Five O’clock Shadow
Five O’clock shadow is a type of facial hair style that grows in the course of the day after a morning shave. It is closely related to heavy and light stubble facial hair styles. It gives a rugged look and can be easily maintained by the use of a beard trimmer.

Peculiar Facial Hair Styles
Some of the most peculiar facial hair styles seen recently include the soul patches, hollywoodian, mutton chops, Napoleon III Imperial, anchor, petit goatee, French fork, and scruffy grey.

Facial Hair Care
All the above facial hair styles need to be properly cared for and maintained using special types of hair care products. Amongst the products that can be used are organic Aloe Vera, tea tree oil-based conditioners, and beard shampoos. These products are available in different types and can be used to enhance the look of many facial hair styles.

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