Beauty Trends Fall/Winter 2013

Hair & Beauty | August 24, 2013

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For fall and winter 2013, the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is one of the leading beauty trends, and as beauty trends go, this look is very natural, and it takes a minimum of makeup to achieve. First, the face is prepared with a hydrating lotion, followed by a dab of concealer where needed. Eyelashes are curled, and eyebrows are brushed upwards. The lips are prepped with a hydrating lip balm, followed by a swipe of lipstick, which can also double up as a blusher, to give a light flush to the cheeks. Remember, less is more, the aim is to achieve a fresh natural look.

Another of the popular beauty trends for the fall is red lips, but with a twist. Lip stains are growing in popularity in current beauty trends. The lips look more wine stained than polished. Apply a layer of dark crimson stain towards the centre of the lips to create more depth, and to emphasise a pretty, modern, romantic look. Dark reds, including burnt and brick reds, crimson, grape and plum are great colours in beauty trends for the coming months.

Eye makeup is a recurring theme in beauty trends this winter. Glamourous smoky cat eyes are certainly making a bold statement this year. Cat eyes should be shapely, colourful and flirty, and indigo, gray and violet eye shadows are favoured for this look. Create the wide eyed look that is so popular this fall with a 3 in 1 mascara for eyelashes that adds definition, length and volume. A word of caution, however, the darker, dramatic eye shadows can make a heavy eyebrow look even heavier.

Beauty trends for nails this season focus on the funky, flashy and upbeat. Nails are painted in dark colours, then Sharpie pens are used to create dots, zigzags, lines, shapes, numbers and letters, in multiple colours. Let your imagination run riot. Nude nails are also hot, with clear, creamy and skin tone nail polishes making a great addition to the ‘no makeup’ look. The dark red range of nail colours will also be a popular complement for red lips.

This fall heralds a lot of different looks. No matter which beauty trends you embrace this season, from the simple to the more glamourous, you can find styles which work for you.

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