An Impressive Career – Vogue Chief Editor Emmanuelle Alt

People | October 13, 2013

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Noted for her eclectic creativity and down-to-earth energy, Emmanuelle Alt has transformed French fashion journalism to create avant-garde publishing landmarks. Editor-in-chief of French Vogue since February 2011, Emmanuelle Alt’s career covers nearly 20 years in leading fashion magazines. With her trademark tomboy chic and low-maintenance glamor, Emmanuelle Alt also embodies modern French style. Usually dressed in skinny black jeans, simple tops and jackets, and high heels, she famously wears no make-up and has her hair cut on shoots.

Born in 1967 in Paris, France, Emmanuelle Alt had fashion in her blood. Her mother, Françoise, was a celebrated model. Emmanuelle Alt was educated at the strict Institut de l’Assomption in Paris and by the time she left, had decided to combine her loves of journalism and of fashion to build a career in fashion magazines.At the aged of only 17, her first job was at French ELLE as a beauty assistant. Two years later, she moved to 20 Ansto work as a fashion editor, where she demonstrated her avant-garde, eye-catching styling. After just seven years, she became fashion editor-in-chief in 1993, turning the magazine into a style landmark.

Emmanuelle Alt remained at 20 Ans for another 5 years before expanding to a new role with Mixte magazine as editor-in-chief in 1998. By 2000, her work had reached the attention of Carine Roitfeld, then editor-in-chief of FrenchVogue, who hired her to become the magazine’s fashion director. During their years together, Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld developed a distinctive fashion shoot style that combined daring sexual imagery with commercial appeal. As a result, the magazine’s circulation increased from 100,000 to 140,000 despite the depressed global economy at the time.

In December 2010, Catherine Roitfield announced she was leaving French Vogue. The CEO of the magazine’s publisher, Condé Nast, asked Emmanuelle Alt to take over, citing her professional and personal suitability for the role. Emmanuelle Alt’s first issue of French Vogue as editor-in-chief appeared in April 2011 keeping to the magazine’s existing formula. However, as she develops her own mark on the role, she is introducing a humorous, optimistic style that emphasizes nudity as an expression of health and vitality.

In her personal life, Emmanuelle Alt is married to Franck Durand and has two children, Antonin and Françoise, who were 13 and 6 years old when she became editor in chief of French Vogue.

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