6 Types of Victoria’s Secret Panties you need in your Wardrobe

All women want to wear comfortable panties for daily wear but it is also important to own some pieces that exude some sexiness and allure for special occasions. Actually, sexy panties don’t have to be uncomfortable at all if they are manufactured by top quality brands such as Victoria’s Secret. Here are some styles to consider the next time you go shop for underwear.

Hipster – One of the most sought after panty styles at Victoria’s Secret, is the hipster. This kind of panty is versatile and can be worn often with a variety of outfits. They are also quite comfortable but are not unattractive to wear like granny panties. You get just the right amount of coverage without excess fabric peeking out of your low-rise pants.Bikini – Bikinis, like the hispters, are also worn around the hips but come with thinner waistbands. This type of panty style doesn’t provide full coverage in the rear but are still popular among women for daily wear. Victoria’s Secret Bikinis are also versatile and can come in a variety of materials such as cotton, lace, synthetic material, or a combination of all three fabrics.

Tanga – Tangas are like string bikinis but go around the lower hips and have narrow coverage in the rear. This type of panty is something like a combination of a bikini and thongs. Victoria’s Secret tanga Panties often come in sexy designs with some lace, embellishments, and stretchable strings to hold it up.

Thongs – Victoria’s Secret thongs are similar to tangas with minimal coverage in the rear. The thong is a necessary piece of underwear that you can wear with pants, jeans, and dresses. It can be advantageous to use with outfits and dresses in fine fabrics to avoid visible panty lines. The thong is also sexy to use to say the least.

Boyleg – Another type of women’s underwear that has been regaining popularity in recent years is the Victoria’s Secret boyleg panty. This style is a female knockoff from the men’s boxer briefs or tight boxers that are usually made of knitted fabric that stays close to the skin. The men’s boxer brief is also a variation of traditional loose fitting boxers.

Shapewear – Control panties or shapewear are underwear that are designed to support or improve the shape of a woman’s waist, buttocks, or tummy. They can enhance the booty and minimize waistlines. Victoria Secret panties aren’t just supposed to look sensual. They can also provide support and other benefits to the user. The best part is, Victoria’s Secret undies always look good, no matter what they are for.

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